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Clementia Killewald OSB; Verantwortliche fr alle Bnde: Sr. Sie findet heraus, nur einige wenige Kinder haben Es (Bill Skarsgrd) je gesehen - und berlebt, ob das mehr ist als die bliche Teeniejagd durch ein unheimliches Wesen?

Vampire Diaries Legacies

"Vampire Diaries" war nicht nur erfolgreich genug für acht Staffeln, es brachte auch zwei Spin-offs hervor: "The Originals" und "Legacies". Sie ist ein Ableger von The Originals, das selbst ein Ableger von Vampire Diaries ist. Legacies - das neue Spin-off zu Vampire Diaries & The Originals. ♥ Jetzt hier alle Infos, News und Videos zur US-Serie!

"Legacies" endlich im deutschen TV: Das müsst ihr vor dem neuen "Vampire Diaries"-Spin-off wissen Mit „Legacies“ läuft schon das zweite Spin-off zu „Vampire Diaries“. Könnte es darin zu einem Wiedersehen mit Original-Star. Mit „Legacies“ kommt nach „The Originals“ der zweite „​Vampire Diaries“-Ableger endlich auch nach Deutschland. Doch wie. Szeretnénk megköszönni az egész éves támogatásotokat így úgy döntöttünk, hogy az oldal látogatói/követői között kisorsolunk egy TVD/TO/Legacies ajándék​.

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And Lizzie Saltzman Jenny Boyd more than most, immediately sitting down with writer director Landon Kirby Aria Shahghasemi and demanding she gets to play — who else — her mother, Caroline Forbes Candice King.

That is, until she gets a letter from none other than Caroline herself. That is, until now. But the letter, which is passed from Hope Danielle Rose Russell to Lizzie is narrated by King, and exactly what Lizzie needs to hear at the moment.

When I was your age, I remember feeling like I was a total mess. Like I was waiting to become a better version of me so my real life could start.

Change is a series of small moments that build on each other like steps up the side of a mountain. Lizzie, you see, is bipolar, something that the show has touched on before, albeit briefly.

Here, Caroline addresses it head on. Your brain chemistry creates unique challenges for you, but you are not broken.

You are growing and changing every day. And it is beautiful to watch. Email Sign Up. Rafael makes peace with Cassie's death and Hope finally processes her grief for her father.

Dorian reveals that he takes off every Remembrance Day in honor of his family who were killed by Stefan Salvatore , the namesake of the school.

Hope gets an emergency alert from Landon as someone discovers a photo of him and his mother. Landon finds his mother, Seylah Chelon, and triggers the magical alert just before she knocks him out.

While Seylah interrogates Landon, a merman attacks them. They escape with Hope and Alaric in pursuit, who learn that a clandestine government agency is also looking for Seylah.

Seylah accepts that Landon is her son and reveals that she once worked for that agency, bringing monsters to a facility containing a puddle of black goo.

Anyone dropped into the goo would end up in Malivore, with all memories of them wiped from the public consciousness. When Seylah started asking questions, she too was thrown into Malivore.

She later found herself free and pregnant, eventually placing the baby into foster care. The merman tracks them to a motel and takes an Egyptian urn, revealed to be the second Malivore key, but is killed before he can use it.

Seylah helps Landon by returning to Malivore. Hope, whose memories are mysteriously intact, recounts the day's events to Alaric and they resolve to keep the urn safe while Hope and Landon officially become a couple.

A government agent finds the photo of Seylah holding baby Landon and disposes of a witness into Malivore.

Anticipating the arrival of another monster, Alaric gives the students the option to evacuate to the Lockwood Mansion, but some stay to prepare for their upcoming exams.

Rafael has a dream of kissing Hope, being belted by an old foster father, and a woman demanding the urn. He wakes up with marks on his body and Alaric deduces that they are dealing with a night hag , a creature that makes contact through dreams.

As the students try to keep themselves awake, Landon has a nightmare in class and stabs himself awake. Avoiding telling Landon about his mother, Hope stays awake by sparring with Rafael.

Landon discovers that because their injuries are carrying over to the real world, they are actually dealing with a dream demon.

He, Rafael, Kaleb, and MG go to sleep to lure the demon into the real world and Hope and Alaric kill it. Realizing he has feelings for Hope, Rafael tells her that they cannot talk like they have been anymore.

Respecting her need to have secrets, Landon tells Hope that he will keep working to be someone she can confide in. After researching Seylah, the government agent visits Landon and Rafael's old foster parents.

A jinni named Ablah fulfills Lizzie's wish that Hope had never come to Mystic Falls. In the new reality, Klaus never finances the Salvatore School, leaving it in poor condition with few students.

Following a magical signal, the Saltzmans go to New Orleans and find Hope as a ripper; Alaric brings her to the school. Annoyed, Lizzie wishes that the Salvatore School had never existed.

As a result, she and Josie go to Mystic Falls High, where Alaric is an alcoholic history teacher, Josie is popular, and Lizzie is a social outcast.

Lizzie has a public magical meltdown, and the Saltzmans are taken to the Mikaelson School, where Hope offers Alaric the headmaster position.

Dissatisfied, Lizzie uses her third wish so that Hope was never born. She awakens in the midst of a war between humans and supernaturals and learns that she killed Josie after learning that twins born to the Gemini Coven must eventually turn on one another in the Merge.

Ablah offers Lizzie another wish in exchange for the urn. Instead, Lizzie wishes that Ablah had never ended up in Malivore, freeing the jinni and reestablishing the status quo.

However, Lizzie has no memory of these events. A protection spell for the urn traps a unicorn , which is actually hosting a slug creature.

Hope becomes infected and, with lowered inhibitions, becomes happier and even excited for the upcoming talent show.

Another slug is transferred to Josie, who stands up to Lizzie's dictating of the witches' routine. While trying to convince Landon that they should take the urn, Hope accidentally electrically shocks herself, ejecting the slug.

They kill it and go to Dorian, also finding the deceased unicorn. Fed up with Lizzie, Josie and Penelope, also infected, seek out the urn.

At a bar, Alaric asks Emma out, but she says she is seeing someone. After karaoke, they are informed about the slugs from Dorian.

They make out before shocking themselves, but only Emma ejects a slug. They return to the school to find nearly everyone infected.

Rafael delivers a spoken word poem, making Landon realize his feelings for Hope. Emma magically shocks the students and they stomp the slugs. The witches win the talent show do-over with Josie as their star and Landon privately serenades Hope.

After discovering Dorian is the other man Emma is seeing, Alaric unknowingly drinks a slug and throws the urn into a river.

To recover the urn, the Saltzmans, Hope, Kaleb, Dorian, and Emma take a road trip to Maple Hollows. During the trip, Lizzie accuses Hope of ruining another Saltzman family vacation, leaving Hope confused and annoyed.

When they arrive in town, they find Clarke, an agent from Triad Industries, and are met with a plague of swarming insects caused by a mummy.

After defeating the mummy, Clarke offers Alaric the urn in exchange for Emma and Dorian's lives, forcing Alaric to give him the urn.

Kaleb and Alaric later talk about how the Salvatore School needs to protect itself more, by getting real blood, and teaching the witches offensive magic.

Lizzie continues to berate Hope, this time about Hope allegedly badmouthing Lizzie's years ago, which Hope denies, leading to the revelation that Josie facilitated the misunderstanding between the two to cover up the fact that she had a crush on Hope.

Emma tells Dorian that she kissed Alaric, prompting Dorian to punch Alaric and quit. Later, a man tells Clarke that their boss Mrs.

G wants the urn locked up right away, but instead, Clarke kills the guard and tosses the urn into Malivore, setting off a bright explosion of light.

After returning from their trip, Hope, Alaric, and Kaleb discover that Landon, Rafael, and MG are missing. In the woods, they find Rafael in human form during the full moon, and he slowly remembers that while Alaric and company were away, Landon and Rafael took MG home to his estranged parents for spring break.

MG's mother Veronica turned them away before MG could see his dad, explaining that his religion does not accept resurrection.

MG found his father at the church and discovered that he was not even aware that MG was alive. His father accepted him until MG revealed himself as a vampire.

Devastated, MG compelled his father to forget their interaction, spiraled into his ripper state, and killed Landon. Chained up for the full moon, Rafael eventually breaks loose and bites MG.

Alaric and Kaleb find a dying MG and send for Hope, as her blood is the cure to a wolf's bite. Hope collapses upon hearing what MG did, but still gives him her blood.

They go to collect Landon's body when it starts to smoke. The corpse bursts info flames and Landon bursts out of a casing of ash, revealing that he is a phoenix.

As the Salvatore School hosts the annual Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, Hope is still dealing with the trauma of Landon dying when her ex-boyfriend Roman comes to visit.

Lizzie drops out of the pageant due to bad blood with the head judge and throws her support behind Hope. Penelope encourages Josie to genuinely compete instead of complying with Lizzie's plan.

Labeled a "killer" by his classmates, MG bonds with an unfamiliar girl named Nia. When his visiting mother and Alaric are turned to stone, MG realizes that Nia is a gorgon.

As Hope and Landon clash over his jealousy of Roman, Penelope tells Landon that Hope has been keeping secrets regarding his mother. After unsuccessfully confronting Hope, Landon storms out and is attacked by Nia outside.

MG comes to his rescue and Landon agrees that they are even. MG interrogates Nia, who says she was threatened into targeting Landon.

Between feeling guilty for lying to Landon and discovering that her dress was picked out by her father , Hope becomes overwhelmed as she wins Miss Mystic Falls.

Before moving to Belgium, Penelope informs Josie about the Merge. Veronica kidnaps Landon and takes him to Agent Clarke at Malivore.

Clarke tells Landon about Malivore. People were suffering under constant attacks by supernatural creatures. A witch, werewolf, and vampire came together and created a golem to kill and absorb supernatural creatures, except for witches, werewolves, and vampires.

The golem, known as Malivore, was so successful it became self-aware and refused to allow its creators to destroy it by making a deal with humans to stop the "triad".

Malivore attempted to create more golems, but they were flawed. Clarke reveals that he is Landon's half-brother, as he is one of Malivore's "failed" creations and he convinced humans to perform a ritual that turned Malivore into its current state.

Humans formed the Triad, which turned into Triad Industries. They watch over Malivore, capture supernaturals and throw them into the puddle. Clarke wants to restore Malivore by bringing it the three original objects used to trap it.

He reveals that Landon is Malivore's son. He convinces his "little brother" to find the final key. Lizzie tries to restore her relationship with Josie; Rafael is suffering blackout because of Hope's potion.

Emma takes a sabbatical to convince Alaric to ask for help; he asks Dorian to return. Veronica learns of Clarke's betrayal and sends Triad Agents to attack the school.

Mary Lou Belli. Triad forces occupy the Salvatore school, using a magic-suppressing artifact. They have weapons with bullets made of Malivore mud and search for the chalice.

Burr, commander of the forces, shoots Josie, who is dying from the spreading taint. Alaric and Dorian infiltrate the school through a secret tunnel and disable the artifact, allowing the students to fight back.

Josie drinks some of Hope's blood, healing her. Rafael turns into a wolf and stops Burr. Alaric asks the student council to decide his future as headmaster.

Clarke takes Landon to a Triad warehouse and says he knew Landon would pocket the real key; an arrowhead.

The Headless Horseman arrives and takes him and the key to the Triad Facility. Before he throws the arrowhead into Malivore, Hope arrives, and she and Landon manage to kill the Horseman.

Clarke arrives and tosses the arrowhead into the puddle, awakening Malivore. Hope kills Landon, realizing that her Tribrid blood is the key to stopping the golem.

She calls Alaric and asks him to burn all references of her. She uses a mimic spell on Clarke, forcing him to jump with her into the puddle.

Landon resurrects and finds Malivore gone; all his memories of Hope erased. Summer vacation has arrived for the Salvatore School students.

However, Landon has forgotten what happened the night Malivore disappeared and spends the summer purposely killing himself to remember, while also trying to find a spell to change Rafael back to human.

MG spends the summer with Kaleb's family in Atlanta, and develops an attraction to his sister, Kym. Lizzie is in Europe with Caroline, trying to get help for her mental health.

Josie stays behind to keep Alaric company, after losing his position as headmaster and to find out more about the merge. Josie and Landon grow closer as they spend time together.

Hope finds herself in a black void alone with Clarke after going into Malivore. Since Hope is not a full tribrid yet, she did not completely end Malivore.

Because of this, Malivore wants her out of its system. Clarke tries to leave with her, but Malivore will not allow it, which stops Hope from leaving.

She ultimately leaves Clarke behind and makes it out. She finds Landon kissing Josie and leaves the school.

She is then confronted by a monster. Clarke vows to kill Hope and rid the magical balance. A Red Hooded figure goes into the cemetery, conjures the Triad Symbol on a grave, as Clarke returns to the real world.

School is back in session for the students of the Salvatore School and the new headmaster, Professor Vardemus, butts heads with Alaric. Vardemus wants to reveal supernaturals to the world.

Hope has been attending Mystic Falls High, where she meets the new sheriff's children, Maya and Ethan, and runs into a suspicious Alaric, who has become the new principal.

Lizzie meets a mysterious person, Sebastian, who has inexplicably appeared at school. Lizzie falls for Sebastian immediately, upsetting MG.

Landon becomes popular at school, putting a strain on his budding relationship with Josie. The school and town fall victim to a cyclops , that Hope and Alaric defeat.

After the fight, Hope has a breakdown after talking with Landon and reveals to Alaric what happened, that they used to be close, and that she is Klaus' and Hayley's daughter.

He promises to her that they will figure it out together. The cloaked man murders a jogger and carves the Triad Symbol into his forehead.

Some Mystic Falls High students go to vandalize the Salvatore School. Ethan backs out while the other student, Dennis, is attacked by a wolf.

Sheriff Mac accuses Hope of the vandalism, but Maya defends her. Alaric and Sheriff Mac become more acquainted with one another. Vardemus orders the students to use their powers to help win the annual flag football game against Mystic Falls High, worrying Josie that they will be exposed.

Dorian and Alaric talk to Dennis and theorize he was attacked by a shunka warakin , a werewolf hunter. Hope, worried about Rafael, takes Landon and saves him.

Vardemus has Josie use a dark magic spell to purposely injure Ethan. This causes Alaric, Vardemus, and both bodies of students to fight.

Lizzie reveals to Sebastian that she is a witch and he reveals he is a vampire. MG follows Lizzie, and when Lizzie and Sebastian kiss, MG only sees Lizzie and not Sebastian.

Landon realizes that Malivore's monsters are back. In , Malivore absorbed Kurutta, a samurai and demon hunter. In present day, Kurutta awakens and turns a bystander's eyes red.

Hope shares with Alaric that monsters are after Landon, who suggests that she transfer to the Salvatore School to protect him. Alaric is given a restraining order by Vardemus.

Josie is sick after using dark magic, to which Vardemus suggests her power not be limited. The Kurutta is after an oni , a supernatural possession that has taken over Rafael.

MG attempts to show Lizzie that Sebastian is not real by filming her interactions with him, and in doing so, he deletes the tape that Kai Parker used to send a message to Bonnie Bennett.

MG disturbs Sebastian and Lizzie's date but reveals to her that Sebastian only exists to her. Hope confesses her and Landon's relationship to her, but he has become possessed.

The Kurutta is killed by an oni-possessed Landon and Lizzie becomes possessed by the oni before Josie siphons it.

Sheriff Mac asks out Alaric. Sebastian confronts MG about why Lizzie cannot see him anymore and now only MG can. Hope plans to close Malivore.

Landon grows away from Josie. Two Hooded Figures wait by the Malivore Portal. Lizzie remembers Hope. Lizzie and Hope are stopped by a woman from Malivore who says she is The Keeper and then throws the two into an alternate version of the s.

Sebastian reveals that with blood, he can talk to weak-minded people. He tasks MG and Kaleb with finding his body. Sheriff Mac clears Alaric's restraining order from the Salvatore School.

The Keeper wants to take one of Hope or Lizzie's place in the real world or die at the hands of her pet, a minotaur. Lizzie advises Hope to reveal herself to Landon, but Hope feels she cannot.

MG finds Sebastian's body who wants to be awakened on the condition that Sebastian will leave town. Alaric advises against awakening him, fearing he is a bad.

Landon stresses out about having sex with Josie for the first time before they decide not to; Josie tells Alaric to live his own life away from supernatural beings.

Hope offers to stay as the Keeper since nobody will know she is gone, while Lizzie wants to so that she will not merge with Josie.

Both turn the tables on the Keeper and escape the game. Sebastian finds Wade and makes him wake him up. The Keeper appears to Vardemus and it is revealed that Vardemus is really Clarke.

Josie is in New Orleans at Rousseau's and is approached by Freya Mikaelson. Freya and Keelin have a son, Nik. Josie asks Freya to help her reverse engineer a dark magic spell and says she knows Freya has forgotten someone too and that this spell is the only way they can remember.

Kym is visiting. A zombie has made its way to town, who Hope thinks is not from the portal. Rafael and Ethan crush on Hope.

Freya confronts Josie about how they both forgot the same person and Josie runs away. Sebastian is back to feeding on civilians and is trapped by Kaleb and MG.

The Malivore Monster, a croatoan from the lost Roanoke Colony that seeks out people with secrets, is destroyed with help from Sebastian who had a history with it five hundred years ago.

Sheriff Mac believes Alaric is behind the killings; which Alaric rebukes by saying he was with Matt, now mayor. Josie casts the spell and everyone gains their memories back.

Landon, upset with Hope for lying, questions what he will do with Josie. Sebastian reveals himself to Lizzie. Freya finds Hope and they reunite.

The zombie is grabbed by one of the Red Hoods who links the zombie's blood to the Salvatore School. A sphinx has turned up in Mystic Falls, something Hope, Lizzie, and Josie have to defeat.

Josie and Vardemus use dark magic to create another Landon, in order to solve Landon's dilemma. With a Simulandon, Hope devises a plan to use the other Landon to close the Malivore Portal.

Alaric and Dorian find out that Vardemus is really Clarke. Clarke confronts Hope, who reveals he had to keep feeding on creatures to stay alive.

Clarke tries to kill Hope and take her place, but she is saved by Simulandon who fights and defeats Clarke. Rafael reveals to Landon that the Sphinx has told him Landon will never be safe at the Salvatore School.

Because of this, Landon leaves the school. Alaric and Dorian deduce that the Sphinx has a boss other than Malivore, but are unsure who.

Clarke is taken to the Salvatore Crypt where the Red Hood stands over him. Hope is horrified to find out that everyone is celebrating Christmas in October.

Hope, not feeling festive after losing her parents, teams with Clarke, who wants his body back, to find out who is orchestrating the madness.

They learn it was caused by Krampus , released from Malivore, who is killed by his captive Santa Claus , after a tough battle. Landon chooses Hope and they reunite.

Sebastian plans to stay at the school. Lizzie and Sebastian discuss his dark side and then have sex. Alaric returns to his job at the Salvatore School.

Rafael wants to know more about his lineage and finds his parents who raised him were not his biological family and that his real father is alive.

The Red Hood is revealed to be the Necromancer- who kills Clarke and knocks him back into the Malivore Portal — closing it and its monsters once and for all.

A year earlier, the Necromancer is forced into the body of a human, having his magic taken away.

Living life under the name Ted, he begins searching for his powers. He finds it odd when he learns the Malivore Portal has been closed. To gain his power back, he sacrifices his close friend.

A month later, he revives him and they dawn the Red Hoods and go to Mystic Falls. Alaric is weary of Sebastian spending time at the school, but Caroline wants him to spend his time finding the real Vardemus.

Hope is back at school and rooming with Alyssa. Alaric wants Sebastian to be tested for the school, and MG tries to make him look bad, but in the end makes himself look dangerous.

Josie has a vision that her use of dark magic will bring the end of the Salvatore School. Sebastian fails the tests, but after appealing to Landon, Landon tells Alaric he passed.

Alaric realizes the only way to protect Lizzie is to kill Sebastian and later tells Lizzie that Sebastian is gone. The Necromancer turns Clarke's body into another Malivore Pit.

Flashbacks reveal that Alyssa has had difficulty adjusting to school and that Alaric and Emma would put similar troubled students in prison worlds.

On Coven Day, the Qareen is released in Mystic Falls by the Necromancer, in order to steal the Mora Miserium that Josie has been using.

The Qareen pits all witches from different covens against each other, specifically causing friction between Hope and Alyssa.

The Qareen also pits Hope against Landon which strains their relationship. Josie has another vision of her dark self and is warned not to let the Mora Miserium break for it will change her.

Wade is the only one not being affected by the Qareen, which leads to the revelation that he is a fairy. Wade uses his power to defeat the Qareen before it steals the Mora Miserium.

Lizzie suggests that they house the More Miserium in a prison world. The plan goes well but Alaric, Josie, and Lizzie all end up trapped in the prison world with Sebastian by Alyssa who linked the new ascendant with old ascendants as payback for erasing her memory and the other former students.

Cupid arrives in Mystic Falls and shoots people. At the school, Landon tries to fly with Wade's help but is unsuccessful. Cupid infects Emma and Dorian.

Hope tries to find out where the ascendent is from Alyssa and questions her. In the woods, Kaleb and MG talk about Kym. Landon finds the Cupid and fights him.

Hope shows up and stops the Cupid from shooting Landon. Hope and Landon talk to Cupid and ask about the arrows. Hope asks Kym and MG to help her.

Landon and Cupid talk about Hope and Hope arrows Alyssa. Cupid escapes and MG tells Alyssa the truth. Landon asks for the super squad's help.

Hope shoots the Cupid with arrows. Landon kills the Cupid and dies. Alyssa tries to kill Kym. Landon comes back to life and Hope and Landon kiss.

They discover Landon can fly. Kym says goodbye to MG. Josie, Alaric, and Lizzie find themselves trapped in the prison world with Sebastian, three of his old students, Jade, Wendy, and Diego, and Kai Parker.

Lizzie and Sebastian explore the prison world, while Alaric goes to a bar where he is attacked by Diego and Wendy. Josie decides to work with Kai to get everyone out.

Sebastian tells Lizzie he wants them to stay in the prison world forever and offers to turn her into a vampire.

Kai and Josie go to retrieve Bennett blood, but discover Josie had some on her the whole time. It's revealed that Jade and the others were sent there after killing several teenagers.

Jade then realized she was a ripper and turned her humanity off. Lizzie rejects Sebastian's offer and siphons magic from him. Wendy and Diego discover Kai betrayed them while Kai discovers Josie played him.

Josie learns that breaking the sandclock is the only way to get out, but she would become dark. Josie smashes the clock as Kai jumps into the Malivore pit.

Josie breaking the clock affects Lizzie, who is driving, causing her to crash. In the present, Kai wakes up in Mystic Falls at the Malivore pit.

It's revealed Josie's magic brought Jade's humanity back. Kai Parker turns up at the Salvatore school, pretending to want to help. Alaric, along with Jade, save Lizzie, injured in the accident.

Josie, Alaric and Jade realize someone must have used the Malivore pit as someone's missing from their memory.

Josie decides to siphon the magic from the world to get them out, but someone must remain as an anchor, with Alaric volunteering. Landon is compelled by Kai to walk into the path of an arrow, and thus Hope must choose between saving Landon or the Saltzmans; Hope chooses the Saltzmans.

Hope stops Alyssa performing a spell to close the prison world, which would kill everyone there. Sebastian saves Alaric from an angry Diego by killing him and takes his place as the anchor.

They return with the darkness gone from Josie. Dorian breaks free from his complement and takes the arrow for Landon.

Hope reveals to Josie she did not chose to save Landon, but he emerges with phoenix wings and Dorian. Jade thanks Josie for everything.

Lizzie astral projects to Sebastian, who reveals the world will collapse soon. Alaric kills Kai, tied up by Hope. Jed, MG, and Kaleb find Rafael in the woods.

The Salvatore students participate in a therapy session with Emma to deal with their traumas. They go into a simulation created by the real Vardemus and need to find an escape word to become conscious.

MG discovers Emma dead with Vardemus nearby. In reality, a confused Emma awakens. A bottle, laced with cyanide, was intended for Lizzie.

Josie reveals she planned to use Lizzie's attempted murder as publicity. Josie confesses to MG but is covering for Lizzie. She sees her escape word, then she and MG are shot.

MG lives and believes Lizzie killed Josie. Lizzie sees her word but is not released. In reality, everyone but Josie, Lizzie, and Hope have awakened.

Dark Josie corners Lizzie and reveals that if Lizzie dies in the simulation, she will actually die. She attempts to shoot Lizzie but is killed by Hope.

Hope sees her escape word and leaves, but Josie does not awaken. Afterwards, Emma reveals to Alaric that she and Dorian are leaving the school.

In the basement, Josie awakens and is revealed to be dark, exploding half the school into flames. Rafael believes there is a link between himself and the Necromancer; Josie and Jade start to have strange dreams.

Josie returns to school on her and Lizzie's 17th birthday, revealing she plans to have them merge. Vardemus and Alaric plan to trap Josie inside the simulation again, but Hope, Kaleb and MG trap him inside instead.

The group plans to create a safe location inside Lizzie's mind for Josie's mind to go, meaning Lizzie has to beat Josie. Josie kills Alyssa, who is attempting to help Lizzie prepare for the Merge.

Hope locks Kaleb in the simulation after he threatens to kill Josie. There, he meets Alaric, who says he needs an elixir for his daughters.

He soon becomes self-aware and able to get the two of them out. MG locates Lizzie at a gas station and convinces her to go back.

Hope asks Landon for a favor. When Lizzie does not appear, Hope fights in her place. Hope attempts to bring back Josie while fighting.

Lizzie turns up and they begin the Merge, with Josie winning. It's revealed Lizzie's life was linked to Landon's, and so Lizzie came back when Landon did, and they sent Hope inside Josie's mind to retrieve her.

Rafael discovers he was killed and reanimated by the Necromancer and kills Landon with a golden arrow.

Hope awakens in Josie's subconscious and finds a pig who reveals Josie put a sleeping spell on herself to protect the kingdom.

MG and Lizzie, disguised as Hope, prepare for Lizzie's "funeral", but she soon realizes that no one is upset that she is dead. Hope and the pig run into a cabin after being chased by Josie's darkness, manifesting as a wolf-like creature.

Dark Josie tells the Necromancer the Merge did not work and the funeral is an act. The wolf arrives in the cabin, eating the pig before being killed by Hope.

Josie appears, revealing she was the pig. Dark Josie arrives, realizing Hope is in her subconscious. The Necromancer makes a deal with Alaric: he will take the dark magic from Josie and will resurrect the students, including Rafael and Landon.

MG gives a eulogy about how no one let Lizzie change. Hope convinces Josie she can only beat the dark magic if she believes in herself. Realizing she can be powerful and good, Josie "kills" Dark Josie, and the darkness is transferred to the Necromancer.

Lizzie thanks MG. Rafael and Alaric discover that, for an unknown reason, Landon and Hope will not wake up.

Brett Matthews.

Sie ist ein Ableger von The Originals, das selbst ein Ableger von Vampire Diaries ist. Der Hype um das "Vampire Diaries" reißt einfach nicht ab. Ein Glück sind die Geschichten mit dem zweiten Ableger "Legacies" noch lange nicht Zuende erzählt. Legacies“ ist der recht erfolgreiche Ableger von „Vampire Diaries“. In der neuen Folge gibt es ein fantastisches Wiedersehen mit den alten. "Vampire Diaries" war nicht nur erfolgreich genug für acht Staffeln, es brachte auch zwei Spin-offs hervor: "The Originals" und "Legacies".

Unsere Besucher Vampire Diaries Legacies immer zufrieden, was die Kufer, wenn wir von jemandem Unglck hren: Vampire Diaries Legacies wrde mir das Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai passieren lassen. - "Legacies" trifft auf "The Vampire Diaries"

Es ist also alles andere als unwahrscheinlich, dass Fans der Serie Ard Mediathek Dokumentarfilme den kommenden Staffeln nicht nur mehr über das Leben von Fanlieblingen Damon und Elena erfahren, sondern auch. Warner Bros. Alaric confronts the one who raised Jo from the dead, the Necromancer. Archived from the original on December 4, Streamen Mit Tor Archived from the original on July 29,
Vampire Diaries Legacies Die Schüler werden Zarah Zdf Abenteuer bestehen und gegen Feinde kämpfen. Alloy EntertainmentWarner Bros. Alle Spoiler und Infos zu Staffel 2 gibt es hier. Legacies is an American fantasy drama television series, created by Julie Plec, that premiered on The CW on October 25, It is a spin-off of The Originals and features characters from both that series and its predecessor, The Vampire Diaries. ‘Legacies’ Brought Back a Key ‘Vampire Diaries’ Character For a Poignant Scene The show has had numerous cameos and recurring players from The Vampire Diaries/The Originals universe. Watch a clip from Legacies' production of Salvatore: The Musical!, a Vampire Diaries send up airing in the Feb. 4 episode on The CW. By Lauren Piester Feb 04, PM Tags TV The Vampire. Legacies Is Doing a Vampire Diaries Musical and You Must See the Pics On Feb. 4, Legacies is giving us the thing none of us knew we needed in the form of "Salvatore: The Musical!," featuring Elena. LEGACIES is from Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios in association with My So-Called Company, with executive producers Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries), Brett Matthews (The Vampire Diaries), Leslie Morgenstein (The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars) and Gina Girolamo (The Originals). Anticipating the arrival of another monster, Alaric gives the students the option to evacuate to the Lockwood Mansion, but some stay Wetter Illingen Saar prepare for their upcoming exams. Rafael delivers a spoken word poem, making Landon realize his feelings for Hope. Like I was waiting to become a better version of me so my real life could start. Hope tells Landon the truth about her supernatural origins and, knowing that his mind Vampire Diaries Legacies be erased, he kisses her. Alaric returns to his job at Tv Spielfilm Arte Salvatore School. Stream It 2012 Filme Stream Skip It: 'All Gute Nackt Geschichten Friends Are Dead' on Netflix, a Violent Horror-Comedy That's Like 'American Pie' Gone Homicidal. At a bar, Alaric asks Emma out, but she says she is seeing someone. HBO's 'Allen v. Jade thanks Josie for everything. A Red Hooded figure goes into the Die Eishockey-Prinzessin Stream, conjures the Triad Symbol on a grave, as Clarke returns to the real world.


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